Saturday, October 22, 2011

Witch and Warlock Tea Party Part 4-Activities

This last Saturday marked the 2nd annual Witch and Warlock Tea Party at my house. Although it's more of a Halloween party and less of a tea party it is still fun. We are still getting to know people out here so we just invite everyone we know, boys included and make it family friendly. Turns out to be way more exciting that way than just sitting around sipping tea.

I found some really cute invitations at WalMart for a buck and had the girls stamp the inside of them.

I had a coloring station set up in the front room so that when kids arrived they could sit down and color pictures of witch hats I hat printed off the computer. 
I asked them to all get together and this is as close as they got

Then we got to work on the games. I had everything set up in the playroom and when the kids got here I pretty much put my 5 year old in charge and just let them play whatever they wanted whenever they felt like it. They were all 6 and under so I knew trying to get any order going would be pointless anyways. Plus that left more time for me to chill with the other grown-ups.

We had a bean bag  toss, left over from my Carnival Party

Witch Hat Ring Toss. I made a witch hat out of felt and then stuffed it with a styrofoam cone and beans so it would stand up straight and also, heavy enough to not be knocked over. Then I cut out 2 rings from cardboard and had the girls paint them black.

Next was Pin the Wart on the Witch. Super simple again. I printed a picture off the internet and then being lazy bought green dot stickers for her "warts". Of course the kids used all the colors and had fun just sticking them wherever they wanted.

I asked her to put the sticker on the witches nose so she pointed to her own

Last game was a Candy Corn Drop. I put a jar at the bottom of a stool and had them drop the candy corns right in the jar and then they ate whatever they had dropped.

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