Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Silhouette Curtains

I am kind of a freak about certain holidays. Going through the Martha Stewart Halloween magazine last year inspired me to make these curtains.

I love them so.
My husband and I live in the bat cave

I free-handed the designs onto a huge roll of paper and then pinned that onto my black fabric and cute out carefully, pinned more carefully and sewed A LOT. I used my blanket stitch around all the designs to make them look nice but I wasn't about to use any fusible stuff underneath cause that would have been a fortune.
the girls had to have something less scary for their room

The time was well worth it. These are my favorite things to look at in the house.

You can see the design inside and out and it is so fun to pull up to the house at night with the curtains all lite up and a witch welcoming me home.

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