Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Carnival Party

I celebrated my daughters 1st birthday not too long ago and we had a carnival party. It was tons of fun and super easy and cheap. Everything we needed was found around the house.
Sign leading into the "carnival" room

My older daughters wanted to help out with all the decorations so the day before the party we got to work.

My 3 year old made these and I hung them up.
We had 8 different booths at the party, 2 on each wall.
Ball Toss: baby food jars, throw ping pong balls or pennies in them

Knockdown: these are used cotton candy containers but you could use soda cans or food cans. We threw bean bags at them

Feed the lion: a box that I covered with paper and drew a lion on. Then I cut out the mouth and we threw bean bags in it. Clothespin drop: place the empty jar on the floor and have the kids stand on the stool and drop clothespins in it

Strong Man: This is a ball hitting game from Target. Thought it would be fitting. You just pound the balls with a hammer.

A couple toys we have that seemed carnivally for rides.

I hung up this sheet around our armoir to hide it and to make a cute backdrop for our photo booth below. Then I set up the face painting station. We already had the face paints but had never used them. I also put cotton candy and animal cookies on the table for everyone to eat while they were getting their faces painted.

Photo Booth: After the face painting we went and took pictures

This was all with just our family. It was a lot of fun. For dinner we had hot dogs and mac n cheese. For dessert I made cupcakes that my 3 year old helped me make and decorate.

those are cotton candy balls on top
After the festivities, dessert and the opening of presents, we watched a movie and ate popcorn.

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