Friday, October 21, 2011

Witch and Warlock Tea Party Part 3-Food

After games was food. I had everyone bring something to share. I didn't take a picture of everything that was brought but I should have. People always have so much fun with this. We had skeleton cookies, bone pretzles, dirt pudding and more.

I made my scarecrow dip I mentioned before and I also made these RIP PB&J sandwiches.

And some witch hat cookies. Both really simple to make.
I also had a pumpkin ice cube tray and poured orange water into it and froze a bunch. The kids loved watching their water turn orange.

Someone also had brought a black cat pinata. AWESOME! I LOVE pinatas. It was hilarious to watch the kids "tap" the pinata.

The adults had to help a bit to get that thing cracked open.

Lastly we watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown with whoever was left over.

I had so many more plans of things to do but I am just starting out with all this and since I make most things being poor and cheap and being only one person, I can only do so much each year. This year was WAY more exciting than last year and I can only guess next year will be even better.

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