Monday, October 12, 2015

Nature Party

This little girl turned 7! She was so excited that her birthday fell on a Saturday and we had a whole day to celebrate and throw a party. She wanted a nature party and it was perfect with our yard. I made a bunch of cute things for the girls to go exploring with. They all got backpacks and then I printed out a scavenger hunt and filled their packs with a twig pencil, compass and they each got a canteen that I added some ribbon to.

I also had a lot of fun prepping the food and things to put on the food table.

We set up the party at Chicken Coop Landing

This guy was all smiles for the camera

The birthday girl wouldn't let me take any pictures of her, however


Once everyone got to the party I gave them their backpacks, canteens and scavenger hunt and sent them on their way to go find everything which could probably have been found while just standing in any given spot back there. My favorite was when one girl said, "Look, I found THE rock"

Once they were gone, I sprawled out on the blanket with a bunch of the yummy food and read. Best party ever!

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