Monday, October 12, 2015

Carnival Party

Carnival Party. I had a whole barn to use and turn into a carnival space so I had some fun with this.

 What carnival is complete without a funhouse? The board in the back is on a 2x4 so when you walk on it, it rocks.

 And the fun mirror. I drew silly faces on it.

 We had carnival food. Hot dogs, water, chips, cotton candy, and circus peanuts. They got tickets for the games and won prizes at the end.

 Photo Booth

 Face Painting

 I even made the adults some carni vests and they were good enough sports to wear them. We had the kids takes pictures of us and that was entertainment of itself.

Such a fun day and party. It was so fun I have a request from Clover's friend to throw her a party. ha!

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