Monday, October 12, 2015

Mermaid Party

*circa 2014
We had a mermaid theme this year. Corduroy did a lot of the planning. She is a huge pinterest fan. She had a bunch of little games planned but then felt they were too childish so we switched the games to a jellyfish station and simplified the whole party.

Corduroy made the turtle plates

Corduroy wanted brownies instead of a cake this year.
This was the "design a jellyfish" station. The girls picked out fabric and ribbon and then I went and sewed them up.

Downstairs playing

This was the "make a mermaid" station. They all turned out really cute with tiny shells and sequins but I was so busy sewing up jellyfish I didn't have any time to get pictures of the girls making them.

The girls and their jellyfish. They turned out so cute. I also made them each a starfish headband to take home.

I made the littles theirs the night before for a trial run and so I would have 3 less to make during the party.

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