Sunday, October 11, 2015

Frozen party

*circa 2014
Girls everywhere are throwing Frozen parties and I think it is causing a longer winter. Clover was one of them. I had her help out with a lot of the decorations and things. We worked almost everyday on something for the party a couple weeks beforehand. My kids love being involved with the planning and decorating.

Her sisters got her a frozen dress which she opened before the party and hasn't taken off for 6 days and only because it was pajama day at school. She has even slept in it.

snowflake ballerinas

the girls all colored while we waited for everyone to get here

Kristoff's ice made in old ice cube trays

the girls each got a party favor necklace

cheese Olaf's

Clover "making" Olaf

I love cheesy kid smiles

The crew

blue tongue from the blue punch, blue frosting and blue jello. He also had a blue stained bum for a couple days.

The girls colored pictures of Frozen characters I printed off online, played pin the nose on Olaf, painted ice crystal pictures and did a scavenger hunt and played musical chairs while listening to the soundtrack.

Once the party crew left we watched Frozen with Adam's sister and her family and ate pizza.

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