Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lalaloopsy Party

Let's face it, Lalaloopsy dolls are stinkin cute with their big button eyes staring at you! And being a crafty mom I couldn't resist talking my daughter into picking that theme for a party. It just sounded way better than a princess themed party. So many more exciting things to do.

In keeping with the theme we did lots of crafty things at the party. My 6 year old loves crafts and sewing and I knew she would have a lot of fun with this theme.Sugar crumb cookie being the favorite doll since her and the birthday girl share December birthdays.

The girls helped me decorate the table.
Wearing her apron I made
 I made the birthday girl a skirt, apron and shirt Lalaloopsy style.

The first thing we did was color while we were waiting for everyone to get here. I made paper dolls for the girls.

Next we made button cookies. I had the cookies all pre-cut. They smashed the middle down with a cup to make a rim and then poked holes with chopsticks and decorated with sprinkles.I wrote their names on wax paper next to the cookies so I knew who they belonged to.

While the cookies were baking we got to work on our last activity. The sewing one. I was a tad nervous. Husband at work. No moms stayed. Lots of girls who had never sewed before. But they did awesome! My 1 year old was taking a nap and we all finished the dolls.

I wanted a sewing project but I wanted the end result to be something the girls would be excited about but it also had to be way simple for them. I made all the dolls ahead of time.

 I had them all labeled and thread and needles ready to go. I used a disappearing pen to draw a mouth on the face and they all stitched the mouth on themselves.
 I had Corduroy and Ady make theirs ahead of time so there would be 2 less girls to worry about that day.
 Besides my 3 year old the ages ranged from 6-12.

After the faces were sewn on I sewed them up leaving the bottom open and let them stuff the dolls. Then I sewed up the bottom for them. Super easy for first timers. The 12 year old helped some of the others when they needed it and even made an extra for a friend who couldn't make it because she was sick. How sweet is that?

Next was opening presents and then the cake.
 I used the handles from the packaging of the dolls to put on the cake, as well as the dolls themselves.I can make a lot of things but cakes are not my specialty. Yeah for toys to decorate with! Each layer inside was a different color. It was fun to hear the girls reaction when I cut into it.

 I made the party bags. Couldn't resist. They are just so much cuter than store bought even though it is more work.The mouse is sugar crumb cookies pet.
I tagged them all with everyone's names so we could stick their crafts inside as they finished them up.
They ended up taking home their colored paper dolls, 4 button cookies I had bagged up, their stuffed doll they made and a pencil topper and eraser.

During the party a few girls said this was "the funnest party ever!" Gotta say I love hearing that!


eight muddy feet said...

What a cute fun party!! I can't wait to do something fun like this next year for Natalie's birthday. You are so talented girlie!!

Andrews Family said...

Oh how I love your birthday parties!!! I hope we live by each other again one day. You inspire me.

colleen banman said...

such a cute party!!

colleen banman said...

such a cute party! i'm searching for lalaloopsy party ideas and you have some great ones:) i love that you did everything yourself.

WenQuinn said...

I LOVE the mouse gift bags. I, too, am in the process of weeding through the myriad of LaLaloopsy party ideas and I have to say, out of all the things I've seen, and all the money it seems some people have spent on outlandish parties, I simply adore the ideas you had.
I am making everything myself and I LOOOOVE that you used the handle to the dolls packaging on the cake. My daughter saved all the ones she got, so I'm definitely going to need to figure out how to incorporate that, as well. :)