Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I have been seeing these cute jammies in the stores lately and can't help take a picture of them. They just seem kinda familiar to me.

 Old Navy:
I am in love with them and I wonder why.

Mine from last year:

Do you ever see something in the store after you made it and think other people are getting rich off of your idea? I am sure they never saw my tiny blog or the SYTYC blog or the tons of others blogs this has been posted on for that matter, but this has been happening to me since I was 19. I make something and a year or two later I see it in the stores. Maybe someday I will get brave enough to open my own business and get my ideas out to the masses before everyone else!

And I know that I have made a few of these but it still didn't stop me from also buying some of the ones I have seen in the store. :) They are just too cute!

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