Sunday, November 20, 2011

Super Saturday- Christmas Tree Garland with DIRECTIONS

This is the class I taught. I had one lady who was so terrified to sew. She had tried and failed years before, but was so determined to make these. She did awesome and was the first and only one to actually finished the garland in the time allotted and even for the whole day. Others worked overtime and didn't finish.

If you want to make your own I don't have a pattern but you just cut out a triangle and a square in the size you want and then follow these directions:
Christmas Tree Garland

1.    Cut out 10 trees and 10 trunks (2 fabric pieces per tree)
2.    Sew 2 sides of tree leaving bottom open to turn right side
3.    Trim thread
4.    Turn right side in
5.    Turn bottom of trees inside for seam and iron
6.    Stuff trees
7.    Sew 3 sides of trunks, trim and turn right side in
8.    Pin trunks into place and sew bottom
9.    Hand stitch bakers twine onto trees (8 inches from each end and trees 6 inches apart)

oh, and when you are cutting out so many trees and need a quick way to turn the fabrics facing the wrong way to sew them together, here is a quick tip:
 Grab the top piece of fabric...
 and place it on the bottom...
now all your pieces are facing each other and you are ready to sew them together. 
I also use chopsticks when I am turning them right side to poke in the corners to get those corners all the way out.

Easy Peasy!

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Anonymous said...

It looks awesome girl! I would like to make some of that garland during the thanksgiving break if I can. They look so cute... have to look among my fabric see what I can come up with...Thanks so much for the kitchen towels they are beautiful... want to make some to send to my family in Spain... so sweet you are! Eres un sol, chica!