Friday, November 25, 2011

Super Saturday-Quiet books

A lot of the younger couples at my church wanted to do quiet books. I know they were thinking cute felt activity books but there was no way we would have the time to finish even a page. I have made one. They take FOREVER!

Searching on pinterest I came across these really cute pages from this company. Finch Family and Games.
They have so many activity pages to put in a quiet book. The colored ones cost $1 to buy so I bought 5 different ones. It was hard to narrow it down to that. They are made to put in folders but I liked them in binders inside sheet protectors.

I got some magnets from JoAnns and put them on the back paper under the sheet protector and then on the back of the laminated cut outs. They stick pretty well as long as you get the thicker magnets. Not the thin kind.

I did a few extra things in my own binder for my girls and nephew who will be getting one of these in the mail for Christmas(shhh, don't tell him MW)
I added a place to hold all the little cut outs.

And then for my daughter I added a few coloring pages. I turned pictures I had taken into black and white sketch pictures and put them in a sheet protector. They she can use white board markers or white board crayons to color on top of the sheet protector and wipe off.

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Lauren vdH said...

I found the armor of god at the link you gave, but were the other four ones you used for a quiet book! Fun idea! Thanks!