Monday, October 24, 2011

tried and failed pinterest finds

Last week I tried 3 different crafts with my kids and they all failed. They did not fail due to the sites. All fault was purely my own.

This first one we tried were ghost milk jugs. Link on how to found here.

They ended up pretty cute. I found out my 3 year old really does know how to draw a face. You just have to ask her to do it. But when we went to light them up outside my lights didn't light up. Such a let down. And then it has been so windy here that everything outside just blows away so I can't have anything outside anyways.
our version, cute in the house, wish there were lights. ..

The next craft we tried were these cute ghost lights. (I think I have a thing for ghosts). Link found here.

These would have been fine but before I put the faces on them I had already found out that both strands of lights were broken so I just never finished them.

Last craft we did were these cute acorn pumpkins. Link found here.
A few weeks earlier my 5 year old saw this craft while we were browsing the web and wanted to make them. She went out to our backyard and collected a TON of acorns. She promptly came inside and washed them, dried them and put them in a bag.

Well, they weren't really all the way dry before she put them in a bag and when I opened the bag I found a few moldy acorns and almost all of them had holes in them and worms were popping out everywhere. They did grab a few good ones and paint them and then got bored fast and never wanted to finish up the faces.

If you want to see more of my Pinterest Halloween posts then go here. So many pins, so little time.

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Sarah said...

Acorns are always wormy! Those crafters should tell you that you have to bake them first. :-)