Friday, September 2, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I haven't been doing much sewing lately. I do have some new curtains to show you and I am working on some more. I may end up having more curtains that windows pretty soon...

But I do have some fun thrift store goods to show off.

When I first moved into this house a year ago I had these super cute built ins in my dining room and they stayed empty for quite awhile. But since I get a tad shaky if I don't hit up a thrift store every week they have filled up and I am really not sure if I would be able to cram anything else in them.

Some of the things in here I inherited from my grandma, but most I found at a great price. It is so much more fun setting the table now.

 I don't remember how much these were but I usually don't pay more than $1 for things. Aren't those tiny bowls the greatest ever? Those are my dipping bowls for our crab wontons! YUMMM!

Like all these dishes together were $1 at a garage sale. Not a complete set but I have a weakness for yellow.

I got this whole set for $14. This is a full set and I couldn't pass up that cute syrup/cream pourer thingy. And when I got home and researched it online I found out that just buying an individual plate for this set was $20. So I think I scored. And it was made in Ohio which makes it even better for me cause that is where we just moved to.


eight muddy feet said...

What great finds!! I can't wait to hit all the local antique and thrift stores once the kiddos get back in school. I have a feeling your deals are a little unbeatable though..way to go Becky!!

Jayna Rae said...

I am super in LOVELOVELOVE with your dishes. I love the cabinet too. All wonderful stuff!!!
I actually came over because I saw your comment on Made about Target being so far away from you. This is CRAZY to me because there are 4 Targets in my city. Seriously 4, and 2 are Super Targets. It is the go to place in California because the Walmart's here are very ill kempt.