Friday, September 9, 2011

Shiny Happy Curtains

So I made these curtains a couple months ago and I LOVE them! I had some houndstooth fabric curtains in the front room but they were: too dark, didn't flow, I could go on and on.
see the floors? We have to do some replacing before we sand and restain

I am having a hard time picking one thing and sticking with it in my home. There are too many other factors to play into everything: lighting(my front room has no natural light), dark furniture(not buying new, too expensive), dark trim(don't want to paint white cause it actually looks nice), dark wood floors(still refinishing)...

What wall colors go well with dark wood trim by the way? I now have a green kitchen and a yellow front room. I need to paint my dining room but I don't want too many colors. So many dilemmas. Does anyone else have this problem? Besides the factors of finding time with 3 little kids and a budget. I think I just have too many ideas in my head.

So these are my curtains this month. And I really mean that because next month my Halloween curtains are going up! I am so excited for Halloween this year! And I will actually have a working camera to take better pictures. Last year they were pretty bad and I couldn't get any good shots.

This is my witch curtain that hangs in one of my front windows. I have bats and a cat upstairs.


eight muddy feet said...

Becky I feel your pain!! I have this beautiful new house, but it has dark wood trim (which is beautiful by the way) but so not what I envisioned. My wood floors are a shade lighter, but everything right now is cream and brown. The walls need color, because the paint is flat, and there are fingerprints everywhere. I've always dreamed of gleaming bright white trim, but I'm trying to make this my new reality, and make it work for me. Which means things are going very slowly on the decorator end. Oh, and did I mention all our furniture is dark brown too!!

eight muddy feet said...

By the way..I love your curtains, and am already thinking about how to decorate for Halloween..holidays are so fun!!