Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flying with Kids-Rockstar Status

I have been flying with kids since my 1st was 1 month old. I try not to make a habit of it because it is super tiring, but when you live far from family it needs to be done.

A few months ago I wrote about some tips and tricks about flying solo with 3 kids in tow and I am back with a few more.

My first tip is to admit defeat and everything else will seem like cake.Just know they won't be perfect but they can still be really good.

All they want is to be entertained. It takes prep work and energy.

My kids get bored watching movies for some reason. They will watch about half of one and then turn it off. So I have to have lots of things to keep their short attention spans going(ages 5, 3, and 1).

This last flight I had the novel idea to have them make a scrapbook of their vacation. I found a small scrapbook in the $1 section at Target and during the vacation the girls collected papers, ticket stubs, Chinese fortunes, whatever and we kept them in a baggie. I had double sided tape and the night before I went and printed off a few pictures for them and they crammed it all into the scrapbook.

Another thing my girls love are magnetic dress up dolls so I bought a new set and had them play with that. It was so much better than coloring because I wasn't constantly searching for pens that had rolled under the seats. It's magnetic see? So it sticks to the tray and you don't have to worry about a thing!

After this flight I received more compliments than any other flight I have been on. It was nice to feel like a rockstar for a night. Especially while toting around 3 kids.

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Elise said...

Thanks for Posting this. I totally used your advice. Unfortunalely nothing could really get them to sleep on the overnight flight but at least we were able to keep them from screaming:) I'm hoping our daytime trip on the way home is much better.