Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thimble collection

I am working on my craft room again and am finally starting to hang things up. I have decided that I am going to keep the wall color for now. It is a cream color and I want nuetral anyways. I like that in my inspiration room because if what I am making doesn't match the surrounding areas it really throws me off.
old printing tray is the perfect display case

I have this thimble collection that has had a spot to sit but has never been hung. I am FINALLY hanging it. It is so fun to be reminded of all the cool places that I have been to and my girls love looking at them and asking me about where they came from.

These are my favorite thimbles because they are so cute and unique and they are from one of my all time favorite vacations!

I will be posting more pics as I get more done in the room. So far I have painted a chalkboard wall but at this time it really isn't too exciting to be taking a picture of.

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eight muddy feet said...

I love the thimble collection Becky, how unique and fun. The printer drawer display is perfect for!!