Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sewing with Kids

Here is our latest project. It took a few weeks to complete since my daughter is still young(5). Sometimes she gets tired or bored with it and sets it aside and sometimes she get frustrated so I make her stop because that means she is tired.

I usually sew with her at night after the younger girls have gone to bed and I always do my projects in sessions. Night 1 was picking out fabric and cutting out the pattern and fabric.

Night 2 was sewing the hearts on. She loves using my fancy stitches on my machine so we spent a whole night sewing on the hearts in rainbow color. I have her do all the sewing while I press the pedal. (her machine is low enough for her to press the pedal on her own)

Nights 3- whenever we finished were stitching the sides and handle. This is where I would have her stop whenever she seemed tired. This took longer because we had to keep re-threading her needle because she hasn't learned to hold is correctly yet. I think that comes with experience. The last day of her sewing she was finally able to re-thread her needle herself and she was so excited! I was too. I love spending this time with her but it is a lot of work for me sometimes. But the more she can do on her own the less work it is for me and becomes more fun for both of us.

She got tired of doing the stitch I showed her at the beginning and went right back to the straight stitch. She asked me if she could. Of course, it is her purse and she should make it the way she wants.

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Sue Frelick said...

Hi! I commented here this morning telling you how I added your link to my blog. I don't know if I was signed in to google for you to follow my icon link, and google hasn't let me sign in all afternoon and now it is. How confusing. My link is in case you were interested in seeing how I used your photo :-)