Saturday, July 9, 2011


So before I painted my walls yellow my room was in serious need of color. So I made the silhouettes and these pillows and bought a cute quilt.

These pillows are just simple appliques I cut out and machine stitched on. I also added a zipper since I know they will get dirty pretty quick.
This pillow was made before I was ever married. The front of it was super gross even though it had been washed many times. I tore off the front and put a new one on leaving the back the same since it looked just fine and I loved the fabric. And this time I added a zipper so that it will be much easier to wash.

Of course now my curtains don't match and when my red front door is open my room looks like ketchup and mustard. Baby steps...

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eight muddy feet said...

The pillows are so cute!! I need to do some sewing badly, maybe after we get home in August.

Love paint, but it sure changes things. I'm trying not to do anything tell I can get some color on the walls, and then go from there, but that's hard, cause little projects are so much easier.

I love the yellow by the way. I'm think of a light grayish turquoise for ours..