Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sewing with Kids- Teachers Gift Edition

Since my daughter loves to sew I wanted her to be involved in making the teachers gift this year. Not that I had ever made anything before this year, she is just now graduating preschool. She has 4 different teachers at her preschool and they have all helped her out so much with opening her up and getting her to talk so I wanted to make sure they knew how much we appreciated them.

I decided to start with what I had on hand and that was aprons already halfway made. They just needed a band and a pockets. I also already had cute food fabric so I went from there. I made the aprons and then had Corduroy help with matching dishtowels.

She wanted to cut the fabric into a heart shape. She did the pattern, cutting and stitching.

I knew that would be a little plain so we also used these fabric crayons she got for her birthday. You just color with them on white paper and then iron the design onto your fabric. Super simple, crayons can be found at JoAnns, but the design just wasn't very dark. So it looked a little more silly than cute. But still, fun for Cordy cause she loves coloring.

Then, since it still needed a little something more, I stitched a thick heart stitch that my machine has across the bottom. That made it look finished. 

She picked out which color went with which teacher, they best part was that I was thinking of the same colors for the same teachers.

Then she made a card for each of her teachers and stuck them all in a bag.

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Michelle said...

I love the lemon fabric! Super cute.