Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

I was in charge of putting together a Cinco de Mayo fiesta for my church and thought I'd share a few of the things I did for it.

For the food tables I made cards with the spanish name to set out.

A lot of the food was assigned out. 

I made a ton of beans, taco meat and Spanish rice. I also made a cake and some churros. The churros were gone before I even got around to taking a picture of them. I made them right before everyone showed up so they would be super fresh. They turned out the best of everything I made and were the first thing that disappeared.

We also had a salsa contest. I made numbered cards for each salsa dish and then everyone voted on their favorite. We had a few different categories. 


My friends had an idea to get bright paper to decorate the tables with and it turned out great! Perfect for the kids to color with crayons. I made paper flowers out of tissue paper and stuck them in mason jars on the table.
We also had chips and salsa on every table. My husband made a HUGE batch of his yummy salsa.

I also made larger ones and hung them up high.


After food we had a pinata. All the kids and adults got involved. It was a lot of fun!

I also had a photo booth set up with different props for everyone to go and take their pictures in front of. Most people were shy but a few jumped in and had fun with it. I found these awesome wigs for $1 at the party store. (I wore mine all day) and then I made mustaches and lips and glued them on chopsticks. I also made felt flowers for peoples hair. And we gave the mustaches away to the winners of the salsa contest.

One of my friends painted faces all night and the kids LOVED that!

My mom had gotten my 2 girls shirts from Mexico a few years ago and they fit the 2 youngest for the party so I decided the day before to make one for my oldest. I made it while she was sleeping and am so glad it fit her. It's the red one.

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