Friday, June 3, 2011

The Birthday Blog

Today I am being featured over on The Birthday Blog for my "heart dr." party I did awhile back. Pretty exciting!

The blog has some really cute birthday ideas and it is more about the activities and less about how amazing your table looks. That is a hard thing to find in a blog lately, the ideas for activities part. And every idea is perfectly organized on the sidebar.

Speaking of hearts, Corduroy is working on a new project involving a rainbow and lots of hearts. Hopefully we will get it finished soon.

And I have been busy working on adding color to my brown living room. So stay tuned for loads of bright pillows and curtains! And if I can get some glass cut, some pictures. I may have broken the glass in a picture frame and it was 1 of 3 and of course I can't get the same frame anymore. So I am in the process of trying to figure out what to do...

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Amy D. said...

I just remembered this was here!!!! There is a little boy in our ward who is having his tonsils out the day after Mason, and I wanted to throw a doctor party so Mason and his friend wouldn't be so freaked out about seeing everyone in masks. I am TOTALLY rolling with some of these ideas!!! THANKS A TON!