Monday, April 18, 2011

Does anyone have tips on how to photograph curtains?

Cause I try and try and try but this is the best I could come up with. The light coming through the window just makes for horribly dark pictures.

These look so nice here, I promise. Just some curtain panels I made last week to hang on our stairway landing. (is that what it's called?)

I had this fabric in my stash. So nice to finally use it. Since it's on the stairs it doesn't matter that it doesn't match anything.

It was wide enough so that I just cut it in half, serged and hemmed it up and then hung it. Quick and easy. Now on to make some for my bedroom and dining room...


Christine said...

Two things can help... First, if your camera allows you to do so, change the exposure compensation setting in the positive direction. I have even gone up to a +2.0 to get a good shot of a window with light coming through it, if your camera does bracketed shots, you can take a series of shots with different exposure levels and then use PSE to merge them together into a good shot. If your camera doesn't allow you to make those setting changes, you can always try forcing a fill flash. Not ideal, but can definitely brighten things up some.

Liz said...

No idea if this would work, but if the light from outside is a problem, would photographing them at night be any better?