Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quiet Book

Here are pictures of a quiet book that I made a few years ago

 Learn to Count
 It has definitely seen better days

Snap the tail on the Horse and put the dog in it's house
 The purse has a pocket to put things in and there is a bear with a blanket and pillow
 Zippers and snap on train wheels
 Match the shapes and button on the flowers
 Fit your hand in the mitten and tie a shoe
 These are pockets for a notepad and pen
If I could do it over I would have reinforced all the velcro tabs so it would last longer and I would have used better zippers(more kid friendly) instead of what I had on hand. I also would have made my laces with a thicker ribbon instead of whatever I had on hand. Oh, and bigger snaps, again, more kid friendly...that's what I get for using whatever I had on hand and not buying anything new for it I guess. At least it was cheap, even though it took me a million hours to make.

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Mindie said...

I really really want one of these! I keep thinking about it. Will you make me one???!!!!! I really love how creative you are! Just a little jealous.