Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let's be honest

I am having way too much fun playing with my kids right now. And I really don't have any reason to post because I am not one of those bloggers who gets paid for this. I know I promised some tutorials but I don't know if I will ever get around to them. Have you ever done a tutorial? It takes hours and hours. And I would rather play with my kids and watch them giggle and laugh than sit for hours making something while stopping every minute to take a picture, then spend hours editing the pictures, and then spend more hours writing up a tutorial. Especially when there is already a tutorial out there for almost everything you could think of.

And do we really need a million tutorials on how to make a flower? One is enough I say. Go and play with your kids, we already have enough felt flower tutorials. And do we need a tutorial on how to cut out a square and put some elastic in it to make a skirt? I sure hope not.

The weather has been so nice outside lately I have been spending so much time outside in our yard playing. Today we played Rapunzel. I stood on my porch and threw a rope down to Mother Gothel when she called my name while Flynn Ryder ran around and around our house waiting for her turn to be Rapunzel. And earlier in the week we were out back planting a garden. Bliss! I hope to have more days like this because I know soon enough they will all be in school and I will have way too much time to make them clothes that I know they will most likely hate because it was homemade.

There will be more posts, of course!. I love making things, I love buying old things and I love taking pictures. Those 3 things have been my passion for about 20 years now and I am not in my 40's. Not even close. Just wanted to let you know why I haven't posted said tutorials. So keep reading for fun stuff, just maybe not tutorials. I made the girls fort kits for Easter. Have you heard of those? I just barely came across them and felt like I had been missing out. They are amazingly fun. I will post about them soon!

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eight muddy feet said...

I completely agree that playing with your kiddos is more important than keeping current on posts. We'll look forward to them when they come, but for now we can look at the sweet pictures of your girls having fun!!