Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello Kitty Party

I just realized that I had showed you what I made for this party but I never told you what we did at the party. It was a lot of fun and my oldest wanted to help with planning her party this year.

She wanted a Hello Kitty party and had to help with everything about the party. She knew exactly what she wanted (had to be HK plates, napkins...) and the stuff I added she had to look through and give the OK on it.
I made my 2 older girls shirts as a surprise for the party. It was fun to surprise my oldest with something since she helped with every other part of the party.

We had her party the day before her birthday because she wanted daddy to be there (he was the only boy allowed) and he had to work on her actual birthday.

I can't believe how much work went into a simple little party.  And I can't believe how fast we went through the games. The whole party was over way before it was time for the parents to come and get the kids.

When the kids first got here I handed them a headband with ears and a bow on it and drew wiskers on their faces.

Then they colored while we waited for everyone else to get here.

Next up we played pin the bow on Hello Kitty. I drew a picture of Hello Kitty on a large piece of paper and then cut out bows to put on Hello Kitty.

And then I had the kids head into the playroom where I had wound several stands of yarn around toys. They had to follow their color yarn to the end.

 It was pretty entertaining to watch. It was really hard for the younger kids. I think Corduroy was the only younger kid to get it and she gave up before she got to the end. But this game was also the favorite.

Next up we had a bean bag toss. I made some bean bags and cut holes out of boxes for them to throw them into.The boxes weren't anything fancy but you could definitely decorate them more.
And all of that lasted a half hour.

Next up was dinner and presents. Then, luckily someone got my daughter a HK DVD so we popped that in and watched it.

Lastly we decorated cupcakes. I had an example for them to work from.
this would be the example, not one the kids did
And this is what they made:
Ady's. It was actually pretty good for a 2 yr old. You can see where she took her ears off and ate them before I got a picture.

I made these gift bags for all the girls and filled them with HK stuff from the $1 section at Target.

Most of my ideas came from this party website. I look there first for almost all of my party ideas because they have great games to play with the kids and any theme you could think of with different age ranges for that theme. There are no pictures but all of their ideas are really cute. A lot of the party websites now are just pictures of the table and they are decorated really cute but I have no idea what they did at the party. I want details of games so I can entertain kids! That website is the place to go!

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