Friday, March 25, 2011

Armor of God

I work with the little kids at my church. Every 3rd month I am in charge of teaching them as a group. Usually there is an outline to follow but a couple months ago, there was a 5th Sunday and I was able to pick my own theme. I decided to teach them about the armor of God found in Ephesians.

I knew what I wanted to teach but didn't know how I was going to teach it until the night before. I found my comfort in my fabric and whipped this up. I was under major time restraint so it's not the best quality but it was a lot of fun and turned out great during sharing time.

Luckily I had 2 nasty cushions that have been in my "to recover" pile forever and they worked out great for a backdrop. And I had an extra cutout leftover from my skeleton game. I pinned that in place and was ready to dress my guy.

I made some firey darts for the kids to throw at the guy before he was clothed showing that the firey darts were able to get him. (they had velcro on them so they would stick to the felt)

Next I had 2 voluteers come up. One read a scripture and they other listened to see what article of clothing needed to go on. (all the pieces of clothing were made from scraps that I just cut out. No sewing. And the velcro was sticky back velcro, so I didn't need to sew that either. Like I said, way last minute)

The shoes actually laced up his leg. I cut little slits in the felt so you could lace the bias tape right through them.

Next I got out word strips and had kids come up and see if they could remember what word went with what piece of clothing. They did OK but we read through all the scriptures again.

It ended up being a lot of fun and my own kids still like playing with it at home. 

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