Saturday, February 5, 2011

SYTYC Week 5 andTutorial

This was such a close race! Everyone was within a few votes of each other and every one's craft was SO CUTE! Of course I am biased and because the Superbowl is tomorrow I want to get a tutorial to you today so you can be ready for the big game. You know, in case you are totally bored this week and have tons of time to just start a new project on the fly. 
But it's really quick and easy so scroll to the end of the original post to get the tutorial.

The 2 Point Conversion Onesie

If you're like me then you could go for either team this year in the Superbowl.

I've decided that I am going to start out rooting for the Pittsburgh. But is it so wrong to switch if the other team gets ahead? I've decided to plan ahead for just this situation. 

Ready to cheer on either team, this is a 2 in one-sie. HA! Get it?

The front of the onesie is all Steelers. And because I have been spending way too much time playing with toys lately, this onesie comes with accessories. A terrible towel is attached to a wristband so that when your little one waves their arms the towel goes flying.

But if I decide to change sides I can just flip my baby over, just like my allegiance.

Now I am ready to root for the other team, cheesehead and all!


1. Draw or print off your design. Most of my designs I draw myself but you can print stuff off the computer if that is easier for you.

2. Use your design as your pattern and pin it to your fabric. When you have a design like the Packers above it is easier to layer the fabric. So cut out a yellow oval, then a smaller green one, then the G. The layering will be a lot easier than trying to cut this out:

So remember, layering is your friend.

2. Once you have all your pieces cut out you need to cut out your fusible webbing.
My favorite brand is this:
You can get it a JoAnn's. I usually stock up when they have their half price sales. They also have the kind that you can buy per yard but that has never stuck for me. This brand is the best that I have tried.

Follow the directions on the back of the package and you will end up with this:

3. Once everything has been ironed on you are ready to sew. You don't have to stitch your design down at this point but it will last longer and look a lot nicer. You can use whatever stitch you want but I prefer my blanket stitch. Unless I am going a tad more grungy, then I just use a straight stitch.
Blanket stitch looks like this:

Notice the yellow star, that is stitched, the others aren't

And that's it! Cut, Iron, Sew and your done!


This is another super quick tutorial.

1. Cut out a piece of jersey knot or something stretchy to fit around your child's wrist. Since it's knit you don't have to worry about frayed edges, just sew up the middle to make a band and you're done with the wristlet part.

2. Cut out a piece of yellow fabric in whatever size you want.

3. Hem fabric. I used a rolled hem on my serger. Quick and easy.

4. Sew towel onto the wristlet.

Whether they keep it on their wrist or not,

they're still waving it around like a true fan!
(or maybe not)


1. Cut out 2 pieces of felt in a triangle the size you want your cheese to be. Next cut out 3 triangles matching the length of the triangle. These will be your sides. Once you have all your pieces cut out, cut holes in one triangle and each of the rectangles.

Like this:

2. Cut circles a little larger than the holes you cut out in the cheese pieces. You want the holes to dip inside a little to add dimension.

2. Start stitching. I used embroidery floss and whatever stitch this is called

First, stitch the circles onto the holes. Make sure the circles are under so that there is a dip in the hole(notice above). When all the circles are filled in, start stitching up the sides. Match a rectangle to each side of your triangle and get stitching. Leave a small opening at the end to add a little bit of stuffing.

Then stitch up your last seam.

3. Attach cheese to headband, barrette or something else so that it will stay on head. I sewed mine onto a headband. But it would also work for a boy on a barrette (cause you will never see that), or just sew it onto a hat. You can always take it off later.

I was planning on rooting for the Steelers what with our living so close to Pittsburgh and all but if she will keep that cheese on her head I might change my mind. Is it bad to decide who you are cheering for based on who has the best accessories?


Bryce And Laura said...

That's a cute picture of Clover ( the last one). We love our BYU/Utah onzie!

MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

OMG, the cheese head is to die for LOL. And even though I live in WI I hate cheeseheads, but this is too cute. I would even wear it myself! How fun. Thanks for the inspiration.