Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sewing With Kids-Book Review

When my daughter turned 5 she got a Singer sewing machine. Along with that she got a book to help teach her how to sew.

This book is awesome! It goes step by step through the basics. About once a week we would do a lesson from this book and she is really understanding how a sewing machine works and has actually even done a project all on her own!

Our very first lesson was to take the machine out of the box and learn about it.  This book has some really great pictures to help you out with that. There are also fun games to play as you go along. Some are a little too old for my daughter, but there is enough in here to help her understand what she needs to know.

We have also gone over safety, which is in the book. (I didn't want to take pictures of every page).

And then we started sewing. What I love about this book is that it has you sew with paper first. And it starts out simple and then gets harder and harder. I would have her sew until she got the lesson down before we would go on to the next one.

This book also has sewing projects in it to help you with your sewing skills. The projects are shown in true 80's fashion but are cute ideas for kids. My daughter has done a couple and can't wait to do more.

Here is the first project she did from the book.

I made her trace the pattern, cut it out, pin the fabric and cut that out and sew it all on her own. I helped her with the buttons and the bow and that is it. She picked out all the fabric, buttons and ribbon. She asked me to help her along the way a few times but I told her she needed to do it herself. We ended up taking several days to do the whole project. It was a big one for her but she is so proud that she was able to do this all on her own.

I have another book review with fun crafts for kids coming up next week.

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Mhairi said...

I have seen this book in stores and wondered how good it was. Thanks for the review. I will definitely be buying one now to share with my two children.