Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Heart Doctor Party

We had a "heart Doctor" party over at my house. I was throwing around ideas to girl #2 asking her what kind of party she wanted and she came up with 2 ideas meshed together. Decorations were simple. I just got out my Valentine's decor early and threw together a few games and a party was made.

First we had to dress the part. Of course had to have some of my stethoscope shirts.

When the kids arrived we put together a foam hospital kit. Then we made sure all the kids were dressed up with their name tags and gloves.

I handed them all clipboards with the names of the patients they were going to see.

The first game was the bag o' bones

Next up we played pin the heart on the patient.

Then we played with Jane and Jen Doe. The dolls come with lots of fun stuff already to help treat their ailments but I haven't felt like torturing myself enough to make the band-aids that come in the pattern. They are way too tiny to sew. So I just bought a box of band aids for the girls to put on the dolls. So much easier!

For the last game I bought a couple stuffed dogs and tore the ears and tails off and the girls stitched them back on.

I had a really small group of girls. And all of them had a parent who worked at a hospital so it was a really fun party for them. Some were more into it than others. The ages ranged from 3-5.

They were all sent home with a Dr. bag with heart goodies in it.


Trish said...

hey beck...very creative. sounds like a rad party...especially the Frankenstein dogs!!

- jer

Tasha said...

So so cute!!

Misty said...

You are so dang creative! I want to be like you when I grow up! :-)

Andrews Family said...

So stinkin' cute! You need to sell that bag o bones on etsy...I'd buy it! I wish we lived by each other again...I love seeing all of your cute creations...THANKS for blogging them.

Once again you deserve a shout out. I did a project this week with that satin stich (I think that is what it's called-the zig zag but really close together) on a wall hanging I made for Tia's room (maybe I'll post it one day soon) and it about kicked my trash. You make it look so easy & so beautiful! You've got some serious sewing skills!!! I want to be like you when I grow up also!