Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sewing With Kids-Sewing Space

If you want your child to get excited about sewing then they need a little space. And they need to be able to reach the pedal. They don't need their own machine, but if you are like me, I don't like my kids touching my machine. Not that it is anything fancy, but I like it and don't want the tension all messed up. So my daughter was given her own machine for her birthday. Just a basic machine. My mom did a lot of research into machines because of course what little kid doesn't want a Hello Kitty machine. But those and other kid machines didn't get the best reviews. So a basic big kid machine was the best option. And if you get them at the right time, they go on sale!

We happened to have a little table sitting around. It's an outdoor side table but perfect for her machine so I snagged it and took it inside. I also had a little kid chair. Part of a table set but again, prefect for this so upstairs it stays.

I also had a couple extra boxes for her to put her stuff in. For her birthday she was given fabric, buttons, ribbons and lots of other goodies from family and friends who knew she was getting a machine for her birthday. I also gave her a bunch of my fabric scraps. She loves to go through her books and stash and plan future projects for us to do when little sister is asleep.

My next post in this series will be a book review. It's a good one so don't miss it!


Anonymous said...

I love this idea- what age is your daughter? Or what age do you recommend?

Sue Frelick said...

I couldn't see a way to contact you so I'll just mention that I put the photo of your cild size sewing nook in a blog post today with a link to your blog.

I think it's marvelous that you are teaching your little one to sew!