Saturday, September 4, 2010

Question for You

I am revamping my etsy shop and want to put my Dr. Kit in there again. Do you remember it? Or maybe you haven't seen it yet...

What color should I make the scrubs? When I think of scrubs I think of the green color above but Adam only wears blue. He says the color depends on the hospital. If you were to buy this for someone what color would you want your scrubs to be? Green or blue? And if blue, then dark/navy blue or the lighter blue?

I am excited for my etsy shop to be reopened! New and exciting stuff. Some old, but some new!
Hopefully I can get everything done soon.


eight sandy feet said...

When I think of scrubs, I also think of green, but now having been to several hospitals in the last few weeks, I have seen purple, blue, navy, pink, coral, and green.

I think it depends more on the color combo. The ones you have pictured (pink) look great with green, but a blue set might lok cute with navy. Yellow would look cute with either green, or blue.

Jodi Jean said...

i have idea ... but i'm excited for your etsy shop to re-open soon!! way to go becky!!