Saturday, September 4, 2010

I was searching on etsy and look what i found

It's not like she even took my idea and made it her own. She did exactly what I did.

In the exact same colors. How lame is it to steal someones EXACT design? I am soo peeved right now. Do I send a nasty message her way or just ignore her?

I hope she doesn't mind I stole this picture from her website.
Which happens to be
Her first one was sold sometime around 6/1/09. My first one was sold 12/18/08. But posted on my blog in July 2008. A whole year before.  She took my design and has a shop where she has made almost 800 sells. I guess when you just steal designs instead of creating them you have time to sew and sell more.

Seriously. She even put the buttons in the exact same place. And the stitching is exact. There are other stethoscope onesies on etsy but they are all a little different. Not hers. Hers is mine.

Here is my Dr. Kit in blue since I just barely posted the pink one.

I love how the picture of her layette set is even layed out exactly like mine. OK, I'm done now. I just really can't get over it.


hi, i'm brooke! said...

So, so lame!!!!! I would totally call her out on it.

Jodi Jean said...

oh i would be pissed off too!! how lame is that?! of course you can sew more if you don't have to design and just rip people off. i would send her an email, but i wouldn't expect much to come from it.

i know people say copying is a form of flattery, BUT ... there is a difference between being inspired, and just plain copying down to the last button.

sorry becky!!!

Michelle said...

I can't believe that! I'd email her...

Trish said...

I am going to email her!!!! Big Fat Stealer!!!

rookie cookie said...

Done. Here is what I said. I am feeling really snarky tonight.

With "your" doctor layette set, you have copied it from another Etsy shop. It is identical to the one posted in Corduroy's Closet that she has had in her shop for years.

What a shame that you can't think for yourself. I wonder how many Etsy shops you have ripped off. I hope you don't think you are creative and clever with your designs. You are a fraud.