Friday, September 3, 2010

Project Runway- Week 4 (hats)

Wasn't sure if I was going to get this up or not. I had an idea I have been wanting to make for awhile but I need an awesome thrift store find and I didn't see anything I liked. So, I decided to get ready for cold weather.

I didn't have any crazy hats lying around and thought it would be fun to make one. Since colder weather is upon us I know we will be needing a lot.

I used a beanie I had on hand to help out with the pattern. And the fabric is from the stash of hand me downs that I have been pulling a lot of make-overs from lately.

I ended up buying fabric today for the pants. Saw it in the store and fell in love. Ady fell in love too. I love that she is OK if she doesn't wear pink.

I didn't make a shirt. I knew that if I attempted one more piece the project wouldn't get done. Forgive me.

I realize the pants are too big. My favorite part of the fabric was that edge of it was already serged and hemmed for me. So I can't make them smaller once made unless I want to cut off the hem. And I want these to be her winter pants. Pants she can grow into. The waist is a little big as well for the same reason.


Christina said...

I love this! I look forward to every week to see what you have done. I watch the show faithfully and so it is so fun to see what you do!

Jodi Jean said...

are you kidding me?! that is awesome ... i want those pants!! oh geez ... i'm slacking ... 2 projects have come and gone. can i blame it on not having a serger?! i miss my baby!