Friday, August 27, 2010

Project Runway Week 3

Week 3 was party week on Project Runway. I had a stash of streamers left over from a party 3 years ago. I have been using them every year since and I still had enough left over to make this dress.

I was going for a flapper girl party dress. She looks a little flapper and a little pinata. I was tempted to use her stick from her streamer to try and get some candy out of her. Ha!

I made a party streamer to go along with the fun out the streamer of course and a chopstick. They have those at party store right? All the stuff I have been using so far has been things from my own house. No need to go out and spend money when I have everything at home right? Plus it makes it more challenging.

Ady is such a good sport. She stayed up with me late into the night helping me size her dress. (made out of 2 gift bags if you couldn't tell)
She could barely walk in the thing but wanted so bad to play with her streamer so she tried. I had to hold her hand to help her walk out to the backyard so she wouldn't fall and then she stood by me most of the time so she wouldn't fall over.
She kept saying, "I can't bend mommy"
And this wouldn't be complete without a judge. I can't tell what she's thinking but my guess is, "they look crazy, and I can't believe you had to cut them out of their dresses!"
Well, in my defense, I wasn't about to spend too much time on some dresses that were going in the trash anyways. It was fun. Week 4 will be up sometime next week.

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Trish said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever seen! You are amazing and they are so dang cute! I want to come play too!