Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentine Garland Tutorial

That's right, a tutorial! These were super simple to make (no sewing)and my 4 year old loved helping.

Materials Needed:

Iron-on adhesive
Razor blade knife thingy

That's all you need!

Step 1

Cut out as many hearts as you want in your garland. If you want 6 hearts(like mine), then cut out 12 total hearts.

Step 2

Follow instructions on your iron on adhesive. 2 hearts will end up being glued together front to back. The brand I used does not recommend sewing which was fine by me. One less thing to do. And this brand is perfect for this project. I would not recommend it for a project that needs to be washed because it does not hold up in a wash.

Step 3

Using your razor blade, cut slits at the top of your hearts where you want the ribbon to thread through.

Step 4
Measure your ribbon to the length you want it once it is hanging.

Step 5

Thread your ribbon through your hearts and you're done!I tied little loops at the end of my ribbon so I could just hook it onto the tacks that are still in my wall from Christmas decorations.

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