Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Christmas Presents

I knew I had made more presents than I had posted but I couldn't remember what they were until I ran into my 2 cute nephews at Disneyland last week. They were both wearing the shirts I had made them! One liked Batman and one liked Spiderman. So I whipped up some shirts.

I apologize now to anyone who is offended by what they are about to see. I will spare you and not put DC comics with Marvel in the same post. I was in a serious delima about how to make the Spiderman shirt. I couldn't not put a cape on Batman's but it felt wrong to put a cape on Spiderman's. I couldn't make a cool Batman shirt and then give a generic monogram shirt to the other. So I made up my own variation of Spiderman (I was not about to attempt all the details that is needed, too lazy) and added a cape. I knew I would hear about it from my brothers so I added a lame story about how it is Spiderboy and he needs a cape cause he hasn't gotten his webs yet, and that's why his logo is weak. My brother made fun of me for not knowing how Spiderman got his powers. I know, I said, I just had to come up with some story about the shirt with a cape.

I hadn't even thought about what would happen if I dared to bring DC and Marvel into the same room.

The white on the shoulders are where the cape velcros on. His cape was too itchy for him. (felt)

Batman shirt to come. My camera died on me and I didn't get any pictures of my cute 6 year old nephew running around with his shirt and cape all day. It was the BEST! I LOVE kids being kids!

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