Monday, January 18, 2010

Card Table Fort *Inside Edition*

***Please ignore the quality of photos for both posts. Light was fading fast in the house as dusk was settling in and with my belly growing by the minute I was unable to crawl around adequately to get good shots of the inside. ***

The Kitchen

The fridge opens so that the fresh fruit and vegis can be stored to keep them nice and crisp.

The oven has pots, spatual and spoon to cook with.

The bathroom/dressing room
Complete with hand mirror, blowdryer, comb and other essentials to look your best.

The bedroom
A little noisy but I LOVE color and patterns. The dresser and lamp almost bend in completely.

There are bed rolls that roll out with little pillows for the girls to sleep on.

No fighting over who's bed is who's with their initials over their beds.

The Fireplace
Fire, wood and pokers all pull off. Also, the pictures above the mantel are interchangeable.


Brooke said...

are you kidding me? becky you are so amazing! that is the coolest gift ever! do you sell those on your etsy shop?

Jodi Jean said...

soooooo freaking awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

katie said...

i can't get over how amazingly cute this is! maybe someday i'll get real ambitious and try one of my own...but i'm sure i'll be stealing lots of ideas from you!

Christina said...

I want one! How long did it take you to make this? It is so awesome!