Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Card Table Fort *Outside Edition*

I have been wanting to make one of these for a couple years now and it finally happened due to husband being away for a couple months. What else was I going to do in my free time but start the HUGE project I kept putting off.

And I am glad it was put off. It was going to happen last year but then I found out that the girls were getting some playhouses for Christmas. They ended up with 2, which worked out fine since the ones they got, Dora and Princesses, only lasted a few months until they fell apart or just didn't stand up on their own anymore.

During that year I had time to browse sites and draw out plans. At first I thought I wanted to use pipe to make the shape like a real house. But then I found this site on Etsy and thought a card table was a much better idea. Click on the link. These playhouses are AMAZING!

Through more searching I found a couple other sites that made me change my plans a little. My garden came from these two sites who also had templates for me to use!

Homemade by Jill

And Ikat

So I mixed everything together along with my own ideas and help from friends to make it more user friendly, as in everything in the house pulls apart and isn't just pretty to look at, and I ended up with this.

Outside walls:

The Front Door
complete with peep hole and a tie to roll door up with and tie out of the way. Also has a window box with pickable flowers and a mailbox with letters inside.

One of the sides
More pickable flowers from the grass. Pickable apples from the apple tree and baskets for both girls to go around collecting all the fruit and flowers.

The apple tree is wrapped around to the backside where you will find another flower box and a watering can to water the flowers and garden with.

The Garden

Everything can be picked and put in their little baskets or in the fridge inside the house to stay fresh before eating. (stay tuned for that work of art!)


PureSafeandBeneficial said...

Becky! That is SO cute!!!! Look at how Creative you are! I love it!!!

eight sandy feet said...

So adorable Becky!! You did an amazing job, and I can only imagine your sweet little girls playing with this, so fun!!

Jodi Jean said...

it turned out AWEOSME!! love love love it becky!

Janice said...

wow wow wow! georgia made one of those for my kids when they were little, but tho much loved, it was relatively simple. yours is amazing! i would love to make one for my granddaughters, but i know i'm way too lazy.

Mosie said...

Your stuff is fantastic! You are so creative and talented!!

Jessica Brunson said...

Wow! I'm impressed. You are one crafty girl! I love the fort and wish I had enough energy to make one.

DREAM Book Club (Determined Readers Even After Motherhood) said...

how much did that cost you? i am really amazed.