Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More good finds

The other weekend I went garage sale-ing while my mom had the kids. I decided to head towards the mountain hoping that the rich people would have better stuff. No such luck. One guy was even selling stuff from the dollar store. So I headed back home and made stops along the way. My last stop was right around the corner from my house and had a HUGE corner lot full of vintage goods. I would have bought so much more if I had a house to store it in. Maybe its a good thing I don't have a house.

These are coconut buttons. I got a whole bag full of them, now what to do with them...

I love scissors, I pretty much love all things sewing, but these were just so pretty and only $1. Someday I will hang my old scissors on a wall.

This fabric is from the 1960's. At least that is what I was told but I am inclined to believe her since I have seen this print sold on ebay stating it is vintage. And straight from the islands where this couple lived. It is at least 2 yards, I haven't measured it yet but I got it for only $5. Such a steal! If anyone wants a piece appliqued on a onesie let me know. Super cute!

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Jodi Jean said...

i'm jealous ... all excellent finds ... i LOVE the buttons! (and i thought i was the only crazy person who collects scissors!)