Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Love

Isn't she beautiful?

I feel in love when I was in Copenhagen 3 years ago. Last week I found my love on Craigslist for a steal.(practically free) I had to have her! Even though we have no room in our apartment for her and we have no baby to put in it I still had to have her. How would I use it anyways when I already have 2 other kids? I know, so not practical but it makes me giddy every time I look at that shape. And since it will most likely be sitting in my front room for a year I will be giddy for awhile and that will make everyone in my family happy. So it is worth it. Right?


Christina said...

I love it too!! I am glad you bought it!

Jodi Jean said...

this is totally what i had in my head when you were telling me ... i LOVE it.

seriously, come over and use my hose and we can clean it. the kids can run around the backyard!