Friday, May 1, 2009

Vintage Suitcase

I found this HUGE suitcase in my favorite antique store in a little town called Gorman off the grapevine. When I brought it home Adam asked if I was going to use it to store our kids in it. Nope, just their dolls. The lining was disgusting. I usually pass up on suitcases when they are this nasty inside but I had just come across an amazing tutorial and was inspired. So I followed most of the steps (I didn't do everything she did) and it turned out great. Perfect for a little girls room.

Just a side note: don't let your kids jump on these, after I pulled it apart I noticed the wood was broken inside from their "heavy frames" jumping on the suitcase. Can't believe the damage my 1st %tile kids caused...

I ripped out the nasty purple liner and then covered poster board in fabric.

Then I just hot glued the pieces inside. Simple.

I am using it to store all their dress up clothes in. I just slid it under their bed.


Christina said...

Can I please have your creative brain!

Jodi Jean said...

SO cute!