Friday, October 4, 2013

Monkey Birthday Party

My turning 3 year old really wanted a party this year with her 2 friend. With everything that was going on I wasn't real keen on throwing a party and made it more like a structured play date. I found a really cute monkey party on the Internet so I didn't have to think up games or anything for the party. Check out her blog post here for an amazing party. I only used a fraction of her ideas.

Every party has to have favors right? And since every kid loves to dress up I made some monkey outfits for them.

They looked so cute in them. We also made a monkey craft, played a bean bag game where we threw them into the monkey's mouth and I hid some bananas around the house they had to find. (All ideas from the blog above) The rest of the time was spent jumping on the trampoline and eating cake. Easy Peasy!

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