Sunday, September 29, 2013

Super Saturday 2013

This is the 3rd year that I have been in charge of Super Saturday and I love it! This year was a bit of a challenge since I will hopefully have a 2 week old on the day of Super Saturday. Since our ward(congregation)  is small and I don't have too many people on my committee to help (one person) I had to reach out to the members to help out. In the past I have come up with the crafts myself since I am usually the committee.

This year I held a meeting asking for teachers and got a good group who volunteered. I put them in charge of everything. My mom will be in town to help out with the baby and in case anything goes wrong, I don't HAVE to be there. So grateful for those helping me out!

I wanted to post our crafts since I have seen so many pins for Super Saturday in case I can help anyone out with ideas.

Articles Of Faith
(don't go to Staples for the printing, find a ma and pa store)

I ended up doing one because I found it, I was already gonna make it and I can just leave it on a table with instructions. It's from this pin for Article of Faith Cards. 

It's a free printable and my girls are already loving using them to learn the Articles of Faith.

A Frame Tent

These are everywhere and so cute! On another blog the cost was less but we added another piece on the bottom so the tent wouldn't fall flat but hold it's frame. The ladies need to provide their own sheets or fabric. 

Button Ornament

We found cheap buttons at Wal Mart which really brought down the cost since it takes around 70 buttons.

Custom Name Frame
$5 for supplies (you provide your own frame)
 We have an amazing scrapbooker/paper guru in our ward who does amazing things with stamps.

Glamour Frame
$5 w/frame included

$2.50 if you provide your own frame

Extender Slip
You provide your own slip ($7 at Wal Mart)
(Can you tell we live in a small town, Wal Mart is pretty much our only store.) These are everywhere on pinterest and so cute. I made mine a couple years ago and it is such a good idea for Super Saturday. The teacher found lace online for a good price.

how do you like my middle of the night picture
So that's it for our crafts. I have our sign ups already going around and will stop them a few weeks before so we have plenty of time to order supplies. We will also be serving a light lunch and will be having the RS sisters take turns babysitting since we have a lot of moms with husbands who work crazy hours. 

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