Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

How many kids does it take for me to have no time to craft? 4. Everyone says 3 is the hardest and after that it doesn't matter. I was fine with 3 but 4 is killing me. I have had time to do a few things but then to take time to actually take pictures when you are wrestling 4 kids? Nearly impossible. And then I have to get them up here on the ole blog? Very impossible.

I have been up to a few things but no pictures to show for it. Instead I will show you some amazing finds from yard sales last week.

I got a dozen perfect condition retro ties for $2! I can never say no to amazing ties!

This old OskKosh trunk from 1915 for $25. No there isn't a 1 in front of the 25. Even that would be a steal. It has 5 drawers so we are going to use it as a dresser. And it came with wooden hangers. I looked it up online and saw it could sell for over $600. I am sure those are way better condition than mine. Mine doesn't have the locks anymore but still, such a steal!

I also got a couple of vintage wooden doll cradles. They are super cute. They were marked at $1 each. I couldn't pass them up. When I went to buy then the lady asked if I would take both for $1. Uhhh, ok...

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