Saturday, February 2, 2013

Princess Tea Party

My 5 year old wanted a princess tea party. I am not a girly person so I snuck some green in with the pink with some peas. I just got the Heather Ross book with her prints available to use as I wish so I used them in any way I could. Funnest book ever!

When the girls arrived we had princess dresses hung up ready for them to play dress up if they didn't already come dressed up.

 Then we took pictures

and made a craft

pop the pea(with balloons)
Hide the pea ( put a golf ball under 1 of three pillows and had the girls sit on all to see which one had the ball under it)

Once it was decided the were all princesses we sat down to have a little tea party.

Heather Ross print on the napkin holder

Heather Ross print on the chair backs with girls tutus on the bottom

scrapbook paper was used for the placemats, crowns were found in the $1 section of JoAnns, made the wands, borrowed lots of the fancy dishes to make it fancier!

tea pots from TJ Max

And once it was determined they were on sufficient sugar highs we played royal ball freeze dance.

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