Saturday, January 26, 2013

Book Party

My oldest said she wanted a mermaid party months leading up to her birthday. Then about a week before said she wanted a book party. Hard to fight that request. I would much rather have her celebrating her love of books!

 Here is where I found the invites
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The girls decided to dress up as their favorite book character. Corduroy dressed as the princess and the pea. Ady dressed as Nellie Sue from "Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse".

 I decided last minute to dress up Milo as a character from Cordy's favorite book.

he's the baby brother in Crafty Chloe. Everything's better with googly eyes.

When the party girls got to our house we did word searches and other fun things found on the Junie B. Jones website. They we made heart bookmarks
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and had a book scavenger hunt. I put clues in books placed all over the house. Then we read Corduroy's favorite book, "Crafty Chloe". I think it might be my favorite book as well. Then we wrote our own books. I had words they could pick out if they needed ideas to get started. Like animals, colors, and crazier like, silly, upside-down...they loved writing their books.

Corduroy requested a Crafty Chloe cake.

So I made a Crafty Corduroy cake complete with googly eyes and a macaroni necklace.

Some of the goodies the girls took home came from these sites:
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