Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Olympics 2012

You didn't think I would let the Olympics go by without doing something fun with the girls did you?

We made shirts the week leading up to the opening ceremony. Pretty simple. Fabric paint and jar lid tops-the metal rings. For Milo's I used toilet paper rolls since his had to be smaller. And Corduroy and Ady did their own. Clover helped me with hers.

That night we had a game night and played about 3 board games. Adam went to the bathroom after I pulled out Pretty, Pretty Princess. Then we awarded medals to the top 3 winners. Dinner was pancakes that I colored to be Olympic rings.

The girls got all dressed up in their new shirts and we settled down to watch the opening ceremony.  I had made bingo cards for all of us. Another one of our games to earn a medal for. I got the idea of a couple blogs and made them really quick by copying by sight one I had seen. Then we all went downstairs and I realized they were 3x4 squares. I am not sure how that girl thought someone was supposed to get a fair bingo with 3 across and 4 down so I ran upstairs and quickly changed them. She did have cute ideas for pictures though. She must have been hearing a lot about the ceremonies because she new a lot of what would be seen throughout, although I never did see a sheep...

We've been watching a lot here but the girls are already bored of it. They like gymnastics but they don't show it on TV here till about 9 or 10pm. My kids are in bed way before then.

We have been playing games here and there throughout the week and adding medals to our board when we finish a game. Sometimes we tie and then we all get medals!

The girls are loving the games the most! They have been making up fun games to play outside with all sorts of things around the house.

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