Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Barn Re-Do: Floors

So while I haven't been busy sewing I have been busy fixing up the house. And by that I mean my husband! I did help move everything. Adam had a few days off and we went for it. I shoved everything in our entryway and kitchen. 3 rooms worth of furniture. It was a bit crazy and wouldn't have been too bad but he didn't get to finish before he had to go out of town for a week. But we had a couch to sit on and netflix hooked up. 2 things I needed without him there to help out for a week.

Then he was home for a couple days and still didn't finish completely. No problem. He wasn't home so I didn't need much of a kitchen to make PB and J's and mac n cheese. He was gone for another week came home and finished up everything but we couldn't put anything on the floors for 3 days. He would be home in 4 so I waited to have him help me move the furniture this time. 3 weeks of living in an entryway got a tad old but it was so worth it!


They have been like this for about a year. Dirty looking with paint splatters everywhere. I tore up the rug and they had not been treated very nicely. We also had to put in some new wood in a few places.


As soon as Adam started staining them Clover ran on the floors barefoot. Little footprints everywhere. Easily fixed. This is what happens while I am nursing. Then as soon as he finished the last coat of polyurathane she ran on them with shoes on. Those didn't get fixed and are still there. Barely noticeable but also covered by our couch.

They still aren't all the way finished. We need to put down some trim. But they are so pretty! My husband did an awesome job!

And of course since we were getting and brand new looking house. The floors seriously changed the whole look of our house, I had to re-do our sad looking table and chairs.


 This was taken on Chinese New Year. It was a fun night. Messy house = fun! And notice the pile of stuff on the left? This was a permanent fixture while we were working on the floors. I found this table at a thrift store for $10. It had tall legs so we cut them down. It was totally scratched up.

 I had no idea what color I wanted the table which is why it was never painted till now. I got super antsy to get it done with the floors and since I had no desire to leave my house and go to a store with 4 kids I painted it with colors I had at home.
 I used the same stain we used on our floors and then used paint from previous projects around the house for the table and 3 chairs I painted.

ahhhhh, it feels so nice sitting at home now!

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Bryce And Laura said...

The floors and table look really good! Great job you guys!!