Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Pink Construction Party

My new 4 year old is way into making things lately. And pink. A construction party seemed right up her alley, with pink. So this is what I came up with after searching online. There are a TON of fun ideas if you just hunt for construction party.

For the party we needed tools, hats and tool belts of course. Tool belts can be found at Home Dept for $0.77. (At Lowes the are twice that.)
And in keeping with the pink theme I dyed the girls tool belts pink. It was so quick and easy to do. Just buy the Rit dye from Wal Mart and follow the directions. No need to look for a tutorial on line, they just seem to complicate things more.

The hats were from Amazon and the tools were from the dollar store. 

We had tons of fun activities for the kids. It took awhile for me to come up with some simple things for 3/4 year olds to make on their own. Most things in the stores required way too much assistance from adults and I didn't want to make parents stay and help if they didn't want to.

The first thing we did when they got here was to paint some cars my dad had made for the kids to make. He cut them out and shipped them off to me with sandpaper and wheels in each bag for all the kids coming. He even took pictures of him making the cars and how to put them together in tutorial form.

I bought washable paint and brushes from Wal Mart and cut the paint so that each kid had 3 colors in their bag. (and on the invites I told them to come dressed in play clothes.)

It was everyones favorite part of the party. The parents tell me their kids can't stop talking about the cars they got to make. And while we were making them my girls couldn't stop telling their friends that their pappie made the cars. They were so proud!

While waiting for the cars to dry we got ready to head over to the construction site I had set up in another room. First we got some stickers out and put names on everyones construction hats. Then we put on our tool belts and headed over for some demolition fun!

The birthday girl got a special pink hat from her aunt, uncle and cousins for her birthday. 

I had boxes stacked up and a ball duck taped to a string as the wrecking ball. My husband held the string while the kids swung trying to knock over all the boxes.

Then they would stack the boxes they just knocked down for the next  person in line to go. I think they played this game for an hour.

They had a rough time having to wait their turn.

But got over it pretty quick.

We did a couple more crafts after this. We made these from Family Fun (without the paint):

And some pom pom ball creature thingys.

Then it was time for cake and presents.
Construction toys were $3 for a BIG box at Target. That is how I decorate cakes. Bake a cake, frost it, then put toys on it to make it look fun. I am no cake decorator.

 Afterwards we finished gluing the wheels on the cars.

Then I let the kids run wild on a sugar high while waiting for the parents to come.

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